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Kingq Aquatics is one of China’s most well known and leading travel and outdoor brands. was established In 2004. Our factory is located in XIAMEN CITY. There are more than 100 staff in the Factory, technical staff is 10.Our success is based on our commitment to offer the latest in design, quality and waterproof jacket, rain coat,hunting suit and outdoor products. We are committed to improving the Kingq Aquatics brand by providing unparalleled products, service and quality to our customers.

What we do 

XIAMEN  WATERPROOF SPORT CO.,LTD has advanced production lines,and specializes in the waterproof coat,wind break,waterproof soft shell jacket,T-shirt,Fitness wear Running wear,Rain coat etc product.WATERPROOF SPORT waterproof coat and waterproof cases is 100% waterproof, material uses PVC or PU (environment friendly), and characteristic of soft and low temperature endurance. Material is EN-71 tested and is suitable for use in Europe, Asia and all countries. KING-SPORT uses the best waterproof sealing system with coat positioning, user friendly turn locking function to seal the coat, We are fully committed to high quality product, professional service and total customer satisfaction. We can supply products on you samples.

Our future

WATERPROOF SPORT designs and develops the latest equipment for the outdoor and urban environment. Our many years of experience has allowed us to build the WATERPROOF SPORT brand into China’s largest and most trusted travel and outdoor brand. Our country’s love affair with traveling has seen the WATERPROOF  SPORT rand visit the farthest corners of the globe and return with praises. We take our business and brand seriously.

We are a forward thinking company and position ourselves in the market as a leader. Our Strengths WATERPROOF  SPORT is consumer-focused. We bring to the market creative product designs with practical and user friendly features. Our team is youthful and energetic, that brings to WATERPROOF  SPORT the desire to achieve the highest possible outcome. Coupled with our years of experience, this enthusiasm has made WATERPROOF  SPORT one of the most respected and innovative outdoor and urban brands in Australia. Our Commitment Brand. Innovation. Quality. Realistic prices. Whether a simple Raincoat or a technical waterproof jacket, everything branded WATERPROOF SPORT is absolute.